Moneyless Society uses sociocracy! We organize ourselves into circles, which have mutually exclusive responsibilities.

This page will grow as our volunteership grows and we need new circles to elegantly delegate. Get the full scoop in our sociocracy drive folder. We made a straightforward guide for our resources to make sociocracy accessible, titled "#1 - README", so check that out first when you start digging in!

Each circle has one google group and one google drive folder. If you're invited to join a circle, first check out their agenda on the meetings page. If it looks like it's up your alley, reach out to the internal coordinator (also found in the agenda's Description section). When they add you to the circle's Google Group, you will gain access to the their Drive folder. Rather than trying to figure out who to share with, find somewhere in the folder for it to live,  drop it in, and click "yes" when google asks if you want to share with [a big ol list of groups]. If multiple circles need a file, we make sure it lives in one place, with shortcuts to it elsewhere on drive. This ensures a single source of truth—incredibly beneficial.

Up next are direct overviews of each circle at MoSo along with their drive folders, which members of the circle should see. Following that are extended definitions for the aims and domains of each parent circle.

Last update to this page: 12/1/23 

Please contact the People Circle if something isn't quite right

Root Circles

Mission Circle

Defines the mission and vision of the organization. Fulfills responsibilities of a Board of Directors, but with a sociocratic spin. MC looks out at society and thinks about how we can help.

[email protected]

General Circle

This doesn't mean "everybody at MoSo", but rather the people who translate the general aims outlined by the mission circle into concrete volunteer opportunities. Their purpose is to coordinate and delegate to the broadest level of a sociocratic' org's operating groups: "parent circles".

[email protected]

Collaboration Circle

Incorporating voices across the movement, the Collaboration Circle is hosted by MoSo volunteers but is open to the public. We'll connect projects projects here to different MoSo resources and see what we can do to amplify their reach or fulfill their direct action dreams.

[email protected]

Parent Circles

Admin Circle

Responsible for, you guessed it, administrative work. Stuff related to NPO compliance, organizing our workspaces and workflows, finances, and fiscal sponsorship—that's all Admin Circle.


Media & Messaging Circle

MoSo runs a podcast! And a blog! And a Patreon! And nearly every mainstream social media! This circle holds the people who make that content, and it facilitates all of those endeavors.


Direct Action & Community Development Circle

Who are we really if we aren't putting what we speak into action? This circle looks at specific forms of direct, mutual aid that we can do, facilitate, or bring to communities.


Technomancy Circle

Not the IT department. Well, occasionally, in certain ways. But primarily, the technomancy circle aims to blur the line between technology and magic in order to build cybernetic infrastructure supporting a true moneyless society (not just our org).

Explore our Conceptboard to see how we fit into the group and the bigger picture (you can view as a guest).

People Circle

This name might seem pretty broad, but it maps really well to the specific aims of this circle: to make sure we treat people like people. The People Circle's goal is ultimately to acknowledge and build up the people within MoSo, whether through onboarding, consensus-building, mediation, or social events.

If you'd like to reach all volunteers, then you can email [email protected].

If you're not in a circle and you are looking for Drive stuff, anything you'll need should be in the Orientation folder!

Meeting agendas and notes can be found on the meetings page.

Aims and Domains of Root Circles

Root Circles of Moneyless Society – DRAFT

Aims and Domains of Parent Circles

Moneyless Society Parent Circles

Process Roles in Each Circle

Circles of Moneyless Society: Roles